Here Are Your Top Popcorn Sellers of 2017!

Great Work Everyone

The 2017 Popcorn sale was a BIG success thanks to the thousands of Scouts and parents who set goals and saw them through with popcorn! Northern Star Council Scouts sold over $3.4 MILLION in popcorn, making us the 4th largest popcorn sale in the country!

Over $2.4 million dollars went directly back to support local Scouting. It’s a win-win for Scouting.

Some stats about the sale include; 240 Packs sold, with an average of $11,075 in sales. 171 Troops participated and their average sale was $4,277. Most troops also sell wreaths. Scouts sold over $66,000 in Hometown Heroes popcorn. This popcorn is collected and donated to area fire, police, EMS, military personnel—anyone who is a hero!

Top selling Scouts got to choose from some great prizes, including free passes to a special Star Wars movie screening, Big Thrill Factory Passes, Lego Adventure Day, MN United Mini Camp and more!!

Not only is the Popcorn sale fun for Scouts, parents like what it can do for their Scout. Here are just a few of the quotes we hear from parents each year.

“My wife and I are a little frustrated with how "easy" life has become in regards to obtaining "things" and are trying to commit to establishing a better work ethic in our house. Popcorn selling certainly was a lot of work, but also a lot of fun and a good learning experience with valuable life experience gained. I'm glad my son got to see how hard others worked as well.”
“I have seen my Scout come out of his shell and talk to new people without fear.”
“He has learned about being brave, polite, and open up to people and learning new things from fellow Scouts”
“My Scout has learned to work hard and stay motivated to reach goals”
“My Scout has learned how to handle rejection—a no is that much closer to a yes”

Popcorn is much more than a tasty snack, it’s a way for Scouts to learn goal setting, confidence, budgeting and good work ethic. Be a part of history as Northern Star Council strives to be the number one popcorn sale in the country. Your Unit or Scout can sell this fall, either as the only fundraiser, or in addition to other fundraisers your unit is already doing. Join the over 8,000 Scouts that earned their own way this past fall with popcorn. To find out how your Scout can go on awesome adventures and earn money for camp and Scouting, contact Popcorn headquarters at or contact Bill Anderson Horecka at 651-254-9146.

First Name Last Name District Unit Unit # Total Sold
Kolten Scott Kaposia Pack 540 $ 15,879.66
Thomas Geller Lake Minnetonka Pack 3372 $ 11,740.00
Andrew Wolf Kaposia Troop 264 $ 10,010.00
Grant Fitterer Southern Skies Pack 327 $ 8,682.45
Clinton Stouder Jr Southern Skies Pack 331 $ 8,096.54
Logan Stendera Southern Skies Pack 330 $ 7,142.00
Kris Kirkland Many Waters Troop 9439 $ 6,870.00
Liam Wells Many Waters Pack 9692 $ 6,140.00
John Titus Southern Skies Pack 327 $ 6,092.13
Aiden Trosen Dan Patch Pack 3916 $ 5,826.00
Grant Burger Dan Patch Pack 3218 $ 5,753.70
Kevin Morales El Sol Troop 9009 $ 5,725.00
Jackson Kramer Crow River Troop 623 $ 5,260.00
Caleb Petersen Trailblazer Pack 3221 $5,140.00
Cody Rademacher Dan Patch Pack 3916 $ 5,102.50
Jackson Rademacher Dan Patch Pack 3916 $ 5,102.50
Lincoln Meyer Three Rivers Pack 387 $ 5,075.00
Rowan Stanton Dan Patch Pack 3916 $ 5,036.16
Rylie Peaslee Eagle River pack 9463 $5,015.00
Aiden Nelson Eagle River Pack 9148 $ 5,000.00
Juan Jr. Mendez El Sol Troop 9009 $ 4,930.00
Jackson Althoff Crow River Pack 3273 $4,924.00
James Garske Kaposia Pack 540 $ 4,910.45
Johnny Garzon-Herrera El Sol Pack 3335 $ 4,680.00
Isaac James Lyman Southern Skies Pack 9300 $ 4,600.00
Marshall Martig Crow River Pack 3236 $ 4,600.00

Here Are Your Top Popcorn Sellers of 2017!

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